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RAR RAR!!!!!

I feel so enraged!!!! and angry. Stupid state government, how can people ever vote labor. I just cant put up with the shitty public transport, lack of future planning on roads, hospitals, schools, and just lack of ANY direction. Fuck it pisses me off.

Olympics pisses me off too.
how the fuck can the Chinese get them. It really does make me wonder, however i can see the only reason that America let China get the Olympics is due to the decline of America and the slowing of globalism, to get on board and redefine the dominant ideology of the world. Stupid censorship, ggrrrrr i want my individual rights.

The Gothic scene pisses me off too. I dont really know why and i dont have the time for an analysis. I think VNV will return my lost faith. Embrace people, embrace differences and genres. Get over past complications. Move forward and show strength when others cant. I'm almost ready to finish my work in the Gothic scene to go and fry bigger fish in politics. But i'm sure my love of Synthpop and EBM will be too strong to do that. On that note go and watch this, im obsessed with this song now. Such a cheesy video clip, it soothes the RAR inside of me.

OOH, and i can't stand people bitching about petrol prices. OMG if what they say is true, that they make 1c per $1 spent, i would up my price to make at least 5c out of the dollar. Only making 600million a year isn't that much when the big banks make billions, and while we have a choice over driving or bike, we have to use banks. Banks have big balls to just withstand it. Oil companies are a bit weak. Though even I do want cheep petrol, but i would prefer a cleaner cheaper alternative to run automobiles. Hell why stop here, and run our electricity. it aint hard. When will a leader have the balls required to stab the profiteers in the back, and produce a clean and healthy society with harmony. Lets just digress around the usual rules of technology.

Anyway, I love yas all.
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